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The Ohio DUI guide provides you with information about the criminal charge of DUI-driving under the influence.  The actual name of the offense varies from state to state.  It may be called OVI -operating a vehicle impaired, DWI-driving while intoxicated or some other acronym. 

A charge of DUI is more than just a violation of a traffic law.  It is a criminal charge, usually considered on the same level as shoplifting or other high level misdemeanors.  For repeat offenders, the charge can be  a felony punishable by a Prison sentence and or a revocation of your right to drive.  Best approach?  Don't drink and drive.  If you do get a DUI ticket, you need to spend the money for an experienced DUI attorney.  What does that mean?  It means an attorney who meets the 5 basic qualifications.  

What information do you need?  Do you want to know about penalties for DUI or how to contact the BMV or DMV?  are you concerned about driver's license suspensions, breath alcohol tests, criminal courts, car insurance after a DUI,  ?